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Our Mission


As Jack Ma recently stated at the World Economic Forum, “educational systems worldwide must shift both focus and form to fairly prepare future generations (and current populations) for employment in the new economy.”

A Philanthropic Mission: Our signature approach is to provide a real-world, co-ed, project-based, internship/apprenticeship training opportunities which will introduce and prepare young adults and veterans for 21st Century in-demand STEM and STEAM-based career opportunities in the technology industry and complementing technology sectors.

The Bee2Bee Network.Org & The LifeStyles In 360 Virtual Reality/Virtual E-Commerce Platform Project

Since 2011, Agile Bees/The Bee2Bee Network has provided year-round industry training and internships in Agile Software Development, Web Development, Coding, Social Media Marketing and Internet Broadcasting at no cost to participating students. The Bee2Bee Network’s program was designed to help veterans and young adults develop the skills and network access needed to transition into and capitalize on these high-demand career paths.

Our signature approach is to provide a real-world co-ed, project-based, internship/apprenticeship training opportunity which will introduce and prepare veterans and young adults for 21st Century in-demand STEM and STEAM-based career opportunities in the technology industry and complementing technology sectors.

Students which have acquired advanced skills through our original Bee2Bee Virtual Guide Virtual Reality Project or our current LifeStyles In 360 Project and have a desire to learn about the Real Estate industry are given the opportunity to assist local Realtors, Brokers, Builders and Developers online and offline with their technical and practical skills earned through the LifeStyles In 360 Project.

As a signature Bee2Bee Network Project, LifeStyles In 360 is a vital part of the Bee2Bee Network Internship/Apprenticeship Program.  We have extended the LifeStyles In 360 projects to also focus on New Homes, Green Sustainable Construction, Green Lifestyle, Art, Fashion, Entertainment and Wellness Verticals.  Our partnerships with industry leaders also serve as great recruitment vehicles for our partners and provide key opportunities for our student interns.  The LifeStyles In 360 Project was created and built by the active participation of local supporting Real Estate Developers, Homeowners, Brokers, Realtors and a wide variety of retail businesses which are featured on our platform. The LifeStyles In 360 operating revenue exclusively serves to endow The Bee2Bee Network Internship Program.

Homeowners, Builders, Brokers, Business Owners, and Realtors, join LifeStyles In 360 today and sponsor a young adult as he or she learn, earn and build a bright future via the opportunities which our signature internship provides.

Listen To What Industry Experts Have To Say About The Opportunity Outlook for Virtual Reality

Now a reality, the U.S. Department of Labor originally predicted that by 2020, there will be 1.4 million job openings in Tech. Yet only 29% of these jobs will be filled. Web Development and associated skillsets are one of the fastest growing careers in today’s economy with a projected 20% growth rate by 2022.* Web developers earn a median salary of $63,000 and up to $110,000 per year.*

“Some of our program participants have gone on to create their own companies in as little as 14 weeks in our program and some before they graduate from high school. We produce results!“

– Yasmine Clarke, Founder of The Bee2Bee Network


Our History

LifeStyles In 360 is a patent-pending virtual shopping platform, formerly know as the B2b Virtual Guide.  The company was originally founded in 2011 by Yasmine P. Clarke, a software developer and corporate management consultant, as part of her non-profit service learning, internship and apprentice program called The Bee2Bee Network.   In 2012 and in partnership with Google, The Bee2Bee Network  created and launched the first virtual mall in the U.S. which was at Downtown At The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens.  Since 2012, the company has virtually featured many luxury real estate projects, venues and malls including Mayfair In The Grove, Coconut Grove, The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens,  Harbourside Place in Jupiter, Florida, The Coca Cola Orlando Eye, in Orlando in addition to brands and venues such as Roger Dean Stadium, Tommy Bahama and Whole Foods Market.  


“The Bee2Bee Network was created to bridge the gap between education and industry.  As an Agile Software Development Center of Excellence, our goal is to teach, empower and transform a new generation of student team members with a conscious focus on respect, kindness, collaboration and inclusion as we prepare them for in-demand careers in technology.  Similarly, our platform is exclusively offered by invitation only to featured businesses which also share our core values and principles of kindness, collaboration, inclusion and impeccable customer service.  As the original pioneer in the virtual shopping industry, we have the experience and practical know-how to help any luxury brand create an immersive profit center by connecting them to consumers which are looking for their products and services via our unique virtual shopping platform.”

Yasmine P. Clarke

Founder, TheBee2BeeNetwork.org

What Our Industry Experts, Universities, Parents, Interns and Clients Have To Say About The Bee2Bee Network


As a software professional with over 50 years of experience, I strongly endorse exposure to the ‘soft’ skills in software professionals. 50 years ago a single individual was all that was needed to produce valuable software. It now requires teams of individuals that need to work closely together. For any team respect, kindness, and collaboration are key attributes of individual team members. Now, these attributes are even more important as we see diverse cultural backgrounds in team members. The work that Yasmine Clarke is doing in this area with young professionals will have a positive impact on working conditions for everyone.

Jeff McKenna

Author, Agile Software Development Mentor and Coach

Hello Yasmine,

Like you I believe that a focus on “People and Collaboration over Process and Tools” is the most important value in the Agile world. Many people and organizations believe that starting to work in an agile process (like Scrum) will do miracles for their workforce and the productivity. And although the fast cycled Scrum process helps in improving the lives of people, it isn’t the secret to better lives, more joy while working or more productivity. Actually, Scrum does do zero to help with these things. What the Scrum process does do is to signal when things are wrong. All meetings in Scrum are geared towards either working together as a team (backlog refinement and Sprint planning) or to find issues in this collaboration (daily Scrum and the Review & Retrospective). It is essential that all participants in the Scrum process learn the importance of the collaboration and actively practice their communication and collaboration skills. For engineers: away with cubicles and headphones! For managers: away with status meetings and command & control.

Hubert Smiths

CTO, Big Orange Square, Agile Mentor and Coach

When people ask me what I do for a living, I sometimes laugh before telling them I teach adults the things I think they should have learned as children—communication, collaboration, how to work together as a team and most importantly—respect. While these attributes seem natural for me, I found they do not come naturally to many people in today’s workforce.

The American workplace is undergoing a mass migration away from focusing on individual contributors where the heroes reign and moving toward a workplace that fosters an environment where people can think out of the box and creativity is valued. No longer are we line workers punching a time clock, but we are learning to use analytical thinking skills on a daily basis to professionally challenge peers to work collectively to deliver the best work products, to share ideas to inspire others to create and to develop teams where every individual is as equally as important as every other member of the team–regardless of background and experience. Each one of us has strengths we bring to a team, and it is through learning, understanding and appreciating those we work with that we truly come to expand our gifts and allow others to strengthen any gaps. We do not fear mistakes and failure, but rather we embrace a fail fast mentality to learn and grow. And lastly, we celebrate our successes and failures together as a team.

Lori Shephard

Agile Mentor and Coach


As a Coordinator of Internships at Valencia for 8 years, I have had the pleasure of developing relationships with numerous employer partners and their associates, but you have risen above as one of our signature employers due to your passion for teaching and your willingness to develop an experience for our Marketing, Programming and Web-Development interns that is second to none. You have gone above and beyond for our students and for this, we are grateful.

Again, I thank you very much for your continued partnership with us – we value your participation in our program very highly.

Matthew Abalos, MA

Internship Coordinator Valencia College Internship and Workforce Service, Valencia College


Mson Adam started to work with Yasmine in 2012 while he was still in High School. He had an interest in working with computers but did not have much knowledge when it came to programming. So, I enrolled him in a Summer Youth Program provided by the local Career Center in Palm Beach County.

Adam learned so many cool things. One of the most important things and a turning point for him was when he learned coding. This caused him to change his direction in high school. He was working towards going into Architecture but then decided upon software engineering. He learned how to do AutoCAD and Photoshop and a bunch of other things he was able to pick up on his own because of Yasmine.

Adam graduated High School and got into Drexel University where he studied Software Engineering. He is graduating this June 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in software engineering. This became his passion he really found something career wise that he was really interested in. I really feel like had we not made the choices we did back then and had Yasmine not have started the Bee2Bee Network Adam would be doing who knows what and not been satisfied with his academic or career future. I highly recommend this program for other young people and even for adults who do not know what they want to be when they grow up!

Sharyn Stiglitz Hancock Provider

Workforce Development Manager | Career Consultant | Certified Work Incentive Practitioner

I want to thank Agile Bees and The Bee2Bee Network for this amazing opportunity. So far, I have developed many skills in coding, programming, graphic design and graphic design.

I have also gained the confidence to start my own business.

Adam Wolf

Drexel University Graduate and Software Engineer

After my 2-year degree, my first “real world” experience in the field of technology and software was with The Bee2Bee Network. Through immense hands-on experience, I was able to fully grasp the process and understanding of the Agile Methodology that I still use today when working on high-scaled projects and for roughly 80% of my Bachelor’s degree program at UCF. While in this program, I was able to successfully launch a business, get Google Adwords certified, meet and work with clients one-on-one, and attended a conference for a data analytics company named Qlik, in which we met and took photos with the CEO. When the program ended, not only was I experienced, but also I was confident. I was confident to sit down across any CEO or client and have a conversation about anything without feeling any form of intimidation. From being in the industry and running my company for 4+ years, I can truly say that this program impacted my life and where I am today and I am blessed to have met Yasmine Clarke and everyone at The Bee2Bee Network.

Jeacovy Gayle

UCF Graduate, CEO & Founder of Gayle Technologies

During my time with The Bee2Bee Network, I received valuable exposure to various in-demand technologies.  Our current education system is broken and does not introduce these valuable skills which are needed for many jobs in today’s working environment. If it was not for the Bee2Bee Network helping me, I would not be where I am today where I am building my career in the Tech Industry.

Christopher Hebeler

Rollins College Graduate - Class of 2020

My internship with the Bee2Bee Network led by Yasmine Clarke, was a terrific opportunity for my career. I’ve accumulated an array of possibilities through her guidance. Ms. Clarke has given me the experience on what it takes to run a profitable online company. I’d suggest her advice very much.
Kadeem Scott

Full Sail University Graduate, Veteran, Founder of Shubbery.com and Visual Information Specialist at U.S. Department of Justice

After receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies, I found myself unable to find a good, consistent job for almost two years. At that point, my back was against the wall, so my next move, which was to get into the tech industry, ended up being the best decision of my life. I took a couple of classes at a school called New Horizons, earned my first two CompTIA certificates and, with the help of CareerSourceCentralFlorida, I landed an opportunity to start an internship with Lifestyles in 360 working directly under Yasmine P. Clarke. This has been a life-changing experience, to say the very least.

Working with Yasmine, I have learned such a wide variety of things that will benefit me for the rest of my life. Between using Adobe InDesign and Canva to design the Lifestyles In 360 magazine, earning my Google AdWords certifications and my Real Estate Sales Associate License, and utilizing the Agile Project Management framework, it is safe to say it has been a challenging, yet very rewarding time with the Bee2bee network. I have always prided myself as a man of many skills/talents, and thanks to Yasmine, I have added several more.

It is very exciting being part of something that is much bigger than myself. Lifestyles In 360 has a vision of helping people, businesses and brands grow to their absolute potential, which is why we have our hand in several different projects in our community. I look forward to the day that we are making a difference worldwide!
Jasseim Obie

Project Manager and Lead Content Specialist, Lifestyles In 360

I’m currently interning at the Bee2Bee Network, specifically with their Virtual Marketplace, and it has been a great experience thus far. Yasmine has provided me with valuable experience, knowledge, and skills that I can apply currently and in the future as I pursue a degree in the Arts. During the internship hours, and even after, Yasmine is present and helpful: she gives me new tasks weekly, checks the ongoing activities every day and is always available for explanations, and updates me on the status of things surrounding the project so I feel included and valued especially when she asks for my opinion/input. Things that I have valued most about my internship include, but not limited to, the nice and supportive working environment and the commitment to providing an excellent service to the communities within Sarasota. 

Precious Darling

New College of Florida Student - Class of 2023

*Note: The LifeStyles In 360 Virtual Stores are an extension of our original Bee2Bee Virtual Guide E-Commerce Platform.