An Interview With Tiger Woods 

I recently had the pleasure of briefly interviewing Tiger Woods during his recent visit to the PNC Father Son Challenge with his 11 year old son, Charlie.   The event was held at the beautiful Ritz-Carlton Orlando Lakes Venue and included many other golf greats with their sons and daughters from Greg Norman to Gary Player. I asked Tiger what he had done differently with Charlie compared to what his dad had done in preparing him at the same age.  In the back of my techie mind, I was expecting to hear about the many possible golf techniques, video games or gadgets and tools which are now used for golf training etc., but I was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity and honesty of his answer.   

Tiger responded that he had done nothing different from the way his dad had raised him.  As a true testament to Earl Woods, Tiger said he spends time with Charlie and they have a good time together.  How profound!  At the end of the day that is all that most children want and need, time with their parents and a real opportunity to enjoy each other’s company.  

Charlie’s excellent performance confirmed that he has also inherited Tiger’s gift of the game of golf.  During both days of the event, we witnessed the many heart warming smiles, hugs and fist bumps Tiger and Charlie shared. True to his own prediction in 2000, Tiger has become a proud parent like his father and an amazing dad for Sam and Charlie.  On and off the course, Tiger has successfully demonstrated his parenting principles of dad first and coach second.   

As we say goodbye to 2020 and begin a New Year, 2021, perhaps we should all thank Tiger Woods for also demonstrating to the world his profound resilience on and off the golf course as he has successfully overcame personal and professional adversities with courage, dignity, and grace. Thank you and  well done Tiger! 

Yasmine P. Clarke, Founder & Editor In Chief, LifeStyles In 360 Magazine

Mike Erhmann/Getty Images

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